Vulnerable Persons Registry

This is a voluntary registry that will provide the Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island with a list of those peoples who are at greater risk than others during an emergency or crisis. It is a beneficial service that empowers the municipality to service those who might be in greater need during a disaster, power outage or extreme weather event. This information is private and will not be shared with any other organization. The purpose of this registry is to help Gordon/Barrie Island reach out to those residents who are in more danger than others. Examples are those who might be dependent on electrical power for medical equipment who do not have a back-up generator, or those who have grave mobility issues. In the case of wildland fire or a prolonged ice storm, these people will be contacted first by the municipal emergency control group (MECG). The focus is to help those with greater needs than others.

Overview of the VPR:


And here is the tip sheet for those who want to know a bit more about the registry:


Registering at the municipal office


If you are interested in registering, please fell free to drop by the Gordon/Barrie Island Municipal Office on Noble Sideroad to register at the office. We have forms for you and will submit them on your behalf to the registry that is based in Sault Ste Marie. As mentioned, this information is private and protected. We can help you fill in the form if you have questions. And you don't have to fill in answers to questions you don't want to answer. The registry is designed to serve those who have a greater need in times of emergencies.