Our Municipal Office is located at 29 Noble Sideroad, (P.O. Box 680),  Gore Bay, ON  P0P 1H0


Call the main number at 705-282-2702 for all tax inquiries.


Municipal Office

Municipal office hours: Monday- Friday 8:30am- 4:30pm

Municipal office phone (general inquiries): 705-282-2702

Municipal office fax: 705-282-2722

General inquiries email: 


Township Staff

CAO/Clerk-Treasurer - Carrie Lewis -

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer - Pam Fogal - 

Administrative Assistant/CEMC - Peter 

Roads Superintendent - Tim

By-Law Enforcement Officer - Chris


Township Council

Reeve - Lee Hayden -

Councilor - Jack Bould (Deputy Reeve) - 

Councilor - Isobel Harry -

Councilor - Brad Wright -

Councilor - Cameron Runnalls -


Building Permits and Inspections

Chief Building Official (CBO) - Dan - 705-282-2629


Gore Bay Fire Department

Fire Chief - Mike Addison - - 705-282-3233


The Gordon/Barrie Island staff sport their freshly grown moustaches this past November, 2023. Their campaign to raise money for men's health was a success, exceeding their financial goal by almost 100 percent.  All participated regardless of gender, showing a tremendous amount of team spirit. The staff hope their enthusiasm spreads to other municipalities and townships on the Island so that more people make the effort to 'grow a Mo' and raise funds for research into testicular and prostate cancer, highlighting this overlooked and underfunded aspect of men's health.