Our Community

If there's one thing residents of Gordon/Barrie Island value, it's our close knit community and authentic rural lifestyle. "Cottage country" is the name some city folks give to that special rural place they can't wait to visit. Some end up liking their special corner of country so much, they end up staying forever. With much better road access than small communities like our had a century ago, and connection to the outside world through the internet, a lifestyle of the sort we enjoy here in Gordon/Barrie Island is becoming more popular all the time. As full time residents of the place will tell you, we don't just live here – we thrive. Visitors tell us they particularly value the slower pace of life in our little community, and in this high-speed world, we think that's a good thing. Click on the menu items under the heading "Community" to learn about some of the things that make our municipality such a great place to live.