Our Community

If there's one thing residents of Gordon/Barrie Island value, it's our close knit community and authentic rural lifestyle. "Cottage country" is the name some city folks give to that special rural place they can't wait to visit. Some end up liking their special corner of country so much, they end up staying forever. With much better road access than small communities like our had a century ago, and connection to the outside world through the internet, a lifestyle of the sort we enjoy here in Gordon/Barrie Island is becoming more popular all the time. As full time residents of the place will tell you, we don't just live here – we thrive. Visitors tell us they particularly value the slower pace of life in our little community, and in this high-speed world, we think that's a good thing. Click on the menu items under the heading "Community" to learn about some of the things that make our municipality such a great place to live. 


The Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island is rich in history. The area was settled in the late 19th century with farms and pioneers who built barns and sturdy homes that still stand despite the harsh elements. The community is bound by bonds of courage and determination that sill manifest today. Volunteering and local markets are examples of the spirit of the township that is still the backbone of this land. Gordon Township amalgamating with Barrie Island in 2009 expanded the area to include beautiful Barrie Island that is full of rich farmland and nooks and crannies where hikers can walk for miles and enjoy the coastline. Parks and beaches are there for those who want to relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Indeed Gordon/Barrie Island offers something for all which its rich abundance of land, forest and coastline. Explore the website to discover more about what you can find in this wonderland of nature.