The Quilters



The first and third Wednesday of each month.



At Gordon Hall on 29 Noble Sideroad, Gore Bay. 



Quilters meet to discuss everything quilting. And once the business is done for the day, the quilters relax with some coffee, cake and cookies.

New Designs

Quilters meet to discuss new designs, the latest developments within the culture of quilters, and discuss where to find new and classic designs. Charing information is the focus. 

Sourcing Material

Finding high quality suppliers and sourcing cost effective solutions are shared during the bi-monthly meetings. Keen to create beautiful quilts, the quilters are an animated bunch who take delight in new designs, beautiful works and the latest information.

Other Quilting Clubs

Quilting is a tradition here on Manitoulin Island so these quilters are continuing an old practice handed down from the early settlers. For new quilters, meeting experienced quilters is an important part of mastering the skills of becoming a great quilter.