Earth Day - April 22

With urban areas set to become home to two-thirds of the world population by 2050, and as climate change is being observed and experienced at an increasingly local level, cities find themselves at the frontline of the battle against climate change. Bringing together innovators from every sector provides an indispensable setting for idea-sharing, and problem-solving.

Municipal governments have a firsthand understanding of community needs and are capable of greater agility to take swift concrete measures, with effects that ripple well beyond local spheres.


As we face mounting environmental challenges, it will be our towns and cities that take a leading role in the fight for a more sustainable world. Earth Day Canada thanks the 150 municipalities that made environmental commitments with us in 2023. We hope to rally even more cities for Earth Day 2024!

Join the Movement

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22 each year, is a key time to unite our community and make a positive impact on the environment. Many municipalities across Canada are being proactive and taking bold steps to be part of the ecological transition to create a healthier environment for their citizens. The upcoming media campaign will highlight sustainable mobility during the April 22 celebrations. The goal is to inspire a significant number of citizens to move away from single-occupant vehicles and choose other modes of transportation for their travels.