Janet Head Lighthouse

Unfortunately the Lighthouse is not open to the public this summer. Sorry for the inconvenience.

 621 Lighthouse Road

Click to visit Google Earth.Janet Head is named after the daughter of Lieutenant Wolsey Bayfield.  In 1817, Bayfield was named the admiralty surveyor for North America, including Lake Huron and parts of Manitoulin Island.  Several bodies of water on Western Manitoulin are named after members of his family – Helen Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Julia Bay, Lake Wolsey, and Bayfield Sound.

The lighthouse at Janet Head was built in 1879.  It was lit with a kerosene lamp surrounded by very thick circular glass that magnified the light up to 17 km away!  The lighthouse keeper was required to light it at nightfall and extinguish it every morning.  On sunny days, he would draw a heavy curtain around the lantern room to prevent the light from reflecting off the glass and possibly starting a fire in the surrounding woods.  In foggy weather, he would stay at the light and sound the fog horn at intervals until the fog had dispersed.

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Janet Head Lighthouse is currently owned by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and is leased to the Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island. The lighthouse was a summer residence for the Fletcher family for thirty years when the lease went to Janet Head Campground in 1999; following its closure, the Fletcher family returned in 2005 and continues to call the lighthouse home.

The Coast Guard continues to maintain the light, which is functioning with an occulting, solar-powered L.E.D. light that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The light flashes on for three seconds at a time.