Fire Prevention & Protection

The Joint Fire Department for Gore Bay-Gordon/Barrie Island, administered by Gordon/Barrie Island, is a full service volunteer fire department capable of handling fire emergencies.  The fire department is not manned.
25 Hwy 540-B
T: 705 282 3233
Emergencies: 911
As per By-Law #2009-15, fire permits are required for:
  • Burn Barrels;
  • Brush Fires;
  • Grass Fires;
  • Controlled Burns.
Please visit the office to acquire your fire permit.


Information on Fire Bans

A Municipal Fire Ban (MFB) is issued by the Fire Chief. During this time, any issued fire permits are suspended and no new permits will be issued. An MFB prohibits any fires, including campfires and fireworks. Non-compliance can result in a fine.


The Restricted Fire Zone (RFZ) is issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and automatically overrides any municipal regulations. RFZs prohibit any fires, including campfires and fireworks. Non-compliance can result  in a fine up to $1,000, three months in jail, and financial responsibility for any costs incurred in fighting a forest fire caused by the illegal act.


When the RFZ is lifted, there may be an MFB in place or instated. Always check with your municipality if you are unsure about the status of a fire ban. When a fire ban is in effect and a fire gets started – even by fireworks – your personal insurance is no longer valid. Any costs associated with extinguishing it, be it fire truck or water bombers, is the financial responsibility of the party in fault.


Please read By-Laws 2009-15 and 2009-16 in the office or on our website to learn more about municipal regulation of fires, and look up the Forest Fires Prevention Act to learn more about RFZs.