Parks & Beaches

The Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island maintains two public swim beaches, two boat launches, and a park for the community’s enjoyment.  Click on any link to visit the site on Google Earth.  Please NO CAMPING OR FIRES at any of our public locations.

Swim beaches
Both of our swim beaches offer privies, sand beaches, and picnic areas.  Swimming lessons are offered at Julia Bay beach during the month of July.
100 Ida’s Road, Tobacco Lake (access from Golf Course Road)
Julia Bay (686 Highway 540A towards Barrie Island)

Boat launches
Julia Bay (770 Highway 540A towards Barrie Island)
Salmon Bay, 190 Goosecap Crescent, Barrie Island

The park features a dock to the water and a flush toilet.  Enjoy the tranquility and the picnic area.
Goosecap Park, 420 Goosecap Crescent, Barrie Island

No camping or fires at any of our beaches, boat launches or parks.