Community Halls

The Gordon Community Centre and the Barrie Island Hall are available for rent to the public.  Please contact the office to find out available times and book your rental.

Licensed/Private Event     $125.00
Fundraiser                         $100.00
Instructional                       $75.00
Resident of Community    $50.00
Non-resident                     $75.00

A $20 cash deposit is required to confirm a rental, which is to be refunded after function and premises have been inspected.

Rental Agreement:

  1. The capacity of the hall for all functions is 65 people.
  2. The person renting the hall/kitchen is responsible for:
    – Supplying own tea towels and table cloths
    – Cleaning off and wiping all tables and chairs
    – Stacking of all tables and chairs
    – Sweeping and spot mopping floors
    – Making sure all garbage is properly sorted and bagged in clear plastic bags (trash-glass-metal)
    – Cleaning kitchen – dishes, coffee perks, sink, counters, etc.
    – Turning off all lights
    – Locking all doors and windows
    – Reporting any and all damages to the hall, kitchen, and property
  3. No open flames or confetti are allowed in the building.
  4. No tape or thumbtacks are to be used on the painted surfaces.
  5. The Gordon Community Centre is not responsible for personal belongings of the renter and his/her guests.
  6. Children’s functions must be well-chaperoned.  Please supply adequate adult supervision to prevent injury or damage and encourage appropriate behaviour.
  7. All events are to be non-smoking within three (3) metres of building.
  8. The renter will be charged for any extra cleaning and/or damages incurred.
  9. Hall policy is not to lend out tables and chairs in the building.
  10. Keys are to be picked up at the Municipal Office during office hours prior to the booked event.